Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Pawikan Release to the Seas

This baby pawikan is one of the hundreds being release at Punta Dumalag, Davao City. The mangrove tree is used by the mother turtle as a lighthouse/marker to guide them back to their nesting grounds every year to lay eggs.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Mt Matutum back in 1999

Dad took this picture during their field visit at Mt. Matutum while Papa-Lolo Andrew is the passenger sitting in front. Dad and Mom is not yet married at this time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Summer

The whole family spent a summer nights at Marbel South Cotabato celebrating my mom's birthday. The picture was composed of my granny and my cousins having a late dinner beside the lake.

Graduated with honor


The sensational, daring and disturbing phonetics are all in our minds now!
Ready for grade one. I'm with my friends here. Graduated with pride because I'm now savoring the fruit of hardwork and honor because I'd make my family proud of what I have done.
Together with my friends, we will be making a difference to change the world in to a better one.

Dad's grad @ Kidapawan

Big sign welcoming visitors

Huts besides the river in a the resort run by the LGU

Me after taking a piss at the river, heheheh!!! Psst!

Children playing log roll

Mom and Dad, happy!!!!

Me and Mom

Dad and Me

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

super pycno

My mom do not believed in this medicine. its fake. and my mom loves me and i want it

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mommy's hair

When my Mommy wakes up or sleeps she is always a sexybaby. She have a frizzy hair but always complains about it. She shampoo it with white conditioner. I love to touched it because her hair is nice and kulot. My handsome daddy loves my Mommy’s hair because she is most beautiful on the planet earth. She comb her curly long hair only once during taking a cold bath. Its different when she puts an ice in her bath water. It is very cold. She told me that germs don’t like cold water. Mommy Merly and my mom always put a fresh avocado fruit in her hair before taking a bath and a fresh orange papaya too in their skin. It is eeky… that part I don’t like. When she tries to kiss me we will run. Only Lean go to her and forced them to let her do the same.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alvin and the Chipmunks

alvin~~his good
Simeon is smart
ans theodore is fat.
they are all singer
I want them to be like me when i give them an acorn food.
and they are good and they want me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me singing Hawak-Kamay

My Graduation in Australian Access Education Program

All awards I took from here will be for my Mamala. She will be my medalkeeper. I hope that my grandma will frame it in her home where my dad used to live.
My mommy's favorite award here is the most friendly award. I wonder why???
List of my award in Australian Access Education Program are the following:
1. Word Smart Award
2.Fourth Honor Bronze Medal
3. Best in English Reader Award
4. Best in Story telling Award
1. Most Friendly
2. Academic Achiever

In my Final graduation this coming March I also wish to have some achievements to dedicate for my parents.
Happy Heart's day to all.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rat from Papalolo

My new gift from Papalolo. My Rat-kingdom

He said hardworking kids like us deserved a prize.
My pet here is busy eating a mango-flavored icecream.

Only Lean do not have a pet and a gift because she dont like studying.
She is always absent and would rather play with her make-up kits, doll and clothes. Today I like her because she shares her icecream to my pet rat.

Last week I was awarded in school in our third convocation.
I made it again. Papalolo's gift are rats. He said to me that having a pet is one way of showing how to care for the earth.
I will be the master rat.
Like Hamtaro I will read to them everyday. When I become a smart boy they will also be a bright pet.

Little Prince

In english it means square.
Why not paribilog.
Mom said it is not my thing.
I visited Parisukat's blog before going to bed today.
She was in my site now.
I draw something for her.

This sunday I watched the movie of Little Prince.
I so much like the prince.
Mom told me that Tita Eves has this Little Prince Book for her last christmas and she will give it to me. Maybe this weds after my dad get the book from her.
I am happy to have known my LEX.
Is the oneattitude site yours?


Everybody is excited to Papalolo's gift to my favorite cousin Maxine. She is the girl on the top of my grandfather's rubbish car. Dada Maxine's Dad is busy fixing cage for the lovebird. She made all her exam perfect that is why my happy family is busy doing our gift for her. Errr... Papalolo's gift is a pair of love birds. She is very excited and is watching the people doing the cage.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A boy reader

What else could a boy reader do but read?
My Mom and Dad is right, I must invest in books and not much in my looks.
Opseeyyy.... I also want to be a chickyy catcher!

For my dad

Who said I'm not blogging haaaaaa?????? Dad mom only spells some words for me. Bad dad Haaaa..... I will bite youuu....~~~~~~

For my dad

Camille is my girl

The girl behind us is my mom's favorite niece Lean. Beside me is Camille my girlfriend and Brandon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The baby rat

When I get hyper in school my mommy will make me eat the baby rat.
I am scared to eat the rat and my papalolo saw me throwing the rat.
Mom asked me where is the baby rat and I lied to her.
I told her that I dont know.

When I will eat the baby rat my girlfriends in school will no longer go near me.
Up to now mom is still looking for the baby rat.
I think they are all dead now because I threw it in the pond near the mango tree.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My pet Hamtaro

My pet is bright. I read him a book everyday before going to school and my little hamster listens to me very well. It is a male hamster. My cousin Maxine gave him his name.
LJ loves Hamtaro too. When I am away she volunteers to feed it.
Lean do not love my pet. She wants him die.
She is really bad.

My other Grandma Vicktoria

VICTORIA means always a winner. Just like Mamala's name she is always number 1 in my heart.
I love you no matter how far you are.
I am sorry for not waking up with you.

In the Papalolo's house

In Papalolo's house, we jumped and play.
There's a big ground
Green garden
Basketball court
A fishpond
A tree to climb
A monkey to feed
A fish to catch
A rooster that fights
and a kids that makes me mad and happy too.

In Papalolo's house
there's Lean
My big problem is Lean
She always make me angry and bad
but when she is sick
I take care of her

There's Maxine
A cute cute girl
She makes me laugh when I am sad
She tells me story about the sky

Ate Lj is also nice
She teaches me the proper way
Encoding well in my PC
And Linking some pictures too
My blogging here
She teaches me
She is beautiful
Kind and free
We also both love
Zaido Blue

My Mom and Dad
Are all the best
They give me love
in everything
My Dad loves me
And he loves my mom
He is very sweet
and all the best
My mom is strict
but she loves me too
She teaches me hard things to do
but all she wants
the good in me
She despise the bad thing I do

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone

I watched Harry Potter part one started last week and almost everyday. I like Doby the elf in the story. Doby is a slave elf of the Malfoys. Malfoys are the bad guys here. They are serving Lord Voldemort, the name we must not-speak. I also want to play Harry Potter's game and the magic too. It is a very nice movie. I always love to watch animated Disney movie and I now like Harry potter. He is very young and magical!
Dad told me that he will buy me a book one this saturday. I am very excited to read one chapter every day. Mommy said to me that there 's a reward awaits me everytime I finished reading 1 chapter a day and when I too answered all her questions about the book.
Beginning this Saturday, my nights will be filled of Harry Potter magic. Maybe together with my dad, we will be reading that magic flavored book.

Mommy told me that everything is in here: suspense, adventure, mystery, humour, danger. There's even some pretty satisfying paybacks. The characters are fantastic and fantastically realistic. There are bad people who turn out to be good guys and good people who turn out to be bad guys, just like life. Hehehe... she said just like me. I was a bit bad before. I have experience and it is another story.

The lesson in the movie is that it is okey to be different. To be not normal. I was in Harry's age today and trying to be not hyperactive in everything.
I am now very scared to break rules my mom imposed to me.
I sometimes find it hard to control my self.
I love to move and groove all the time but I might be turned in to a cat, a spider or a rat if I break rules. When theres a need to break rule I will make sure it's for the common good so it has a worth.


Teacher Jo asked the class about the meaning of adjective. I stand and answered her that it is a word that describes a noun. Then she gave her follow- up question about what noun is. I told her that noun is a naming word of people, place, things and animals. She asked my classmates to give me a superman class for answering her questions. No body did that today. Only me!!!! Yipeeeee!!!!

I am now thinking an adjective for my Mamala Vicky. Oh, my cousin Lean calls her BIKO. Nutss....bwahahahahaha.
but I can not find any adjective that will suit her for now.
All I can say is that I miss miss her so much.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mommy Merly

Mommy asked me if it is her I draw.
I said no.
"She is your mommy merly.
Look o, her dress is not like you
her her is short
she cooks
so mommy it is not you talaga"
Mommy smiled back at me and said I am handsome and cute.

My mommy merly always cooks food for everybody.

A red bird

I saw a red bird above the tree.
I asked Maxine why it is red?
Shew told me that the bird is a monster pet.
Haaaa? I said to her.
But I think it is red because the bird put on a make-up on her body.

Lean is a cheeky devil

She always make me sad and angry.
Mommy Merly said that my cousin Lean has a devil in her back.
I dont know why she likes to listen to her devil.
Today I very hate her because she destroyed my torotot made to me by Tito Molong.
She crushed it!!!!!
I dont like her forever.

A gift for mommy and dad

Scratch papers of my mommy's work. At the back Mommy said to use it as my drawing book.

My gift for my Dad is Bluesclues inside the brown box. Daddy loves dogs.

To my Mommy are two orange flowers inside a vase because she hates dogs but she loves loves my hamster pet Hamtaro.