Tuesday, December 25, 2007


My mommy is a sexy baby. I love her always.
When she is angry I am sad and scared.
My mommy is a bright girl!
Mommy Merly , my Grandma said to me
she's always in an honor list.
I want that too....
but my dad not an hoNor student
he is most behave in his class.
Still I am Proud of him.


I like dinoworld just my drawing here.
The land before time movie is a very nice movie.
It made me love dinosaurs.
But the jurassic park is scary,scary, scary!!!!!!
So I want land before time
not jurassic.


I draw this today because I am happy.
Mom and Dad and me have a great day playing.
My dad bought me a car toy!!
When I grow up I will make a racing road and a racing car!!!