Monday, February 23, 2009

A home like paradise

For me, a home must be your paradise. It should be relaxing on seemingly endless stretches of a wonderful garden and a backyard. To some, their dream house must have a touch of an adventure. Exploring areas, hiking vegetation and also an evening spot where you and your family can spend the dancing away. But for many people, it's probably a mix of it all.

I already have an idea of what to recommend for those who wanted to have a home like paradise. They must visit the Grayhawk Real Estate. You only be needing your internet connection and your personal computer to take a view of different kinds of wonderful houses that will surely give you the taste of paradise.

Science Odyssey

When the radio was invented in 1895, the first signals could be recieved about a mile away. Adding an antenna to the radio increased the range to almost two miles. By 1897 radio signals could picked up nine miles away from the sender.