Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mommy's hair

When my Mommy wakes up or sleeps she is always a sexybaby. She have a frizzy hair but always complains about it. She shampoo it with white conditioner. I love to touched it because her hair is nice and kulot. My handsome daddy loves my Mommy’s hair because she is most beautiful on the planet earth. She comb her curly long hair only once during taking a cold bath. Its different when she puts an ice in her bath water. It is very cold. She told me that germs don’t like cold water. Mommy Merly and my mom always put a fresh avocado fruit in her hair before taking a bath and a fresh orange papaya too in their skin. It is eeky… that part I don’t like. When she tries to kiss me we will run. Only Lean go to her and forced them to let her do the same.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Alvin and the Chipmunks

alvin~~his good
Simeon is smart
ans theodore is fat.
they are all singer
I want them to be like me when i give them an acorn food.
and they are good and they want me.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Me singing Hawak-Kamay

My Graduation in Australian Access Education Program

All awards I took from here will be for my Mamala. She will be my medalkeeper. I hope that my grandma will frame it in her home where my dad used to live.
My mommy's favorite award here is the most friendly award. I wonder why???
List of my award in Australian Access Education Program are the following:
1. Word Smart Award
2.Fourth Honor Bronze Medal
3. Best in English Reader Award
4. Best in Story telling Award
1. Most Friendly
2. Academic Achiever

In my Final graduation this coming March I also wish to have some achievements to dedicate for my parents.
Happy Heart's day to all.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rat from Papalolo

My new gift from Papalolo. My Rat-kingdom

He said hardworking kids like us deserved a prize.
My pet here is busy eating a mango-flavored icecream.

Only Lean do not have a pet and a gift because she dont like studying.
She is always absent and would rather play with her make-up kits, doll and clothes. Today I like her because she shares her icecream to my pet rat.

Last week I was awarded in school in our third convocation.
I made it again. Papalolo's gift are rats. He said to me that having a pet is one way of showing how to care for the earth.
I will be the master rat.
Like Hamtaro I will read to them everyday. When I become a smart boy they will also be a bright pet.

Little Prince

In english it means square.
Why not paribilog.
Mom said it is not my thing.
I visited Parisukat's blog before going to bed today.
She was in my site now.
I draw something for her.

This sunday I watched the movie of Little Prince.
I so much like the prince.
Mom told me that Tita Eves has this Little Prince Book for her last christmas and she will give it to me. Maybe this weds after my dad get the book from her.
I am happy to have known my LEX.
Is the oneattitude site yours?


Everybody is excited to Papalolo's gift to my favorite cousin Maxine. She is the girl on the top of my grandfather's rubbish car. Dada Maxine's Dad is busy fixing cage for the lovebird. She made all her exam perfect that is why my happy family is busy doing our gift for her. Errr... Papalolo's gift is a pair of love birds. She is very excited and is watching the people doing the cage.

Friday, February 1, 2008

A boy reader

What else could a boy reader do but read?
My Mom and Dad is right, I must invest in books and not much in my looks.
Opseeyyy.... I also want to be a chickyy catcher!

For my dad

Who said I'm not blogging haaaaaa?????? Dad mom only spells some words for me. Bad dad Haaaa..... I will bite youuu....~~~~~~

For my dad

Camille is my girl

The girl behind us is my mom's favorite niece Lean. Beside me is Camille my girlfriend and Brandon.