Sunday, March 29, 2009

House Work

Today Lean will sweep the floor said my mother. It was our time to do our weekly chores. Mom already had everything planned. I took out the broom to sweep the floor like Lean. My cousin Igiboy took the detergent to clean the windows and the floor and Maxine, my other cousin, took out the ironing board. All of us had something to do. However, as I was not good at sweeping, I did not do a good job. In the end, my mom had to clean the house again.

My cousin Igiboy was very clumsy. He splatted detergent all over the floor and the sofa. My mom was exasperated. She decided to take over. Maxine was the only
one who was doing a good job. She ironed the garments well. But while she was ironing, she fell asleep. When she smell the smoke coming from under the iron behind her. She only remembered the iron when she heared my mom screamed. My mom was annoyed that she took over the ironing too. In the end, we watched TV and ate a potato chips. Mom said that we were not good at housework. However, we knew that she would definitely ask us to do that work again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Family

There are three members in my family. Iam the only child. We are a loving family. My family and I spend a lot time together. On weekends I am making a party lunch with my mother.
At night our whole family has a party dinner. We often talk about our day over party dinner. Although my father is tired after work, he listens attentively to what I have to say. He will give us his advice too. Every Saturdays and Sundays we go everywhere. Our favorite place is the mall. We are strolling in the mall. Me and my family are buying not beyond our budget. We also go to People's Park. Our parents are very energetic and active so they have no problems keeping up with us when we walk uphill. I also learnt a lot about the history of Philippines from them when we visit places like Mt. Apo . I am looking forward to going overseas with my family in the years to come . My father is taking everyone to New Zealand someday. I can not wait to go there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I believed

I believe promises should be kept.
I believe brothers and sisters are made to teach.
I believe a simple smile can make anybody's day better.
I believe that being popular is not the key to life. I believe in being nice to nerds because you might grow up and have to work for one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ben Ten Alien Force

Ben is my favorite character. He is saving the world. He also had friends and cousin like Gwen and Kevin. It's up to them how to save the world from the evil alien who wanted to destroy the world.
I only know in the Army Trick is Jetray,Big Chile,Swampfire,Goop and Chymonitor. Ben is
a responseble
He is
the whole

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Judas' favorite book by Bob Ong

Judas'' Favorite Book" is a collection of various experiences of the author in which most filipino people can relate . The book are filled with humor and a trivia type style that is so easy to read and yet informative. It has a seven capital sins with a different topic and a story to tell in relation to a certain topic.
What I like most is the confusion it tangles in each topic presented with scrambled letters,
but if you get to learn the actual word that makes up the scrambled letters, you will appreciate how well this book is crafted and that is how well it was thought of. The presentation of the book is also quite interesting. It is covered with black like the way how the bible was packaged, of course with it's title and the author's name.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mother s day

It was mother s day. I had an idea of what to do for mother s day. I made a beautiful card for
mother . I coloured it and i wrote happy mother s day ! . after i had finshed then i clean the
house .