Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Family

There are three members in my family. Iam the only child. We are a loving family. My family and I spend a lot time together. On weekends I am making a party lunch with my mother.
At night our whole family has a party dinner. We often talk about our day over party dinner. Although my father is tired after work, he listens attentively to what I have to say. He will give us his advice too. Every Saturdays and Sundays we go everywhere. Our favorite place is the mall. We are strolling in the mall. Me and my family are buying not beyond our budget. We also go to People's Park. Our parents are very energetic and active so they have no problems keeping up with us when we walk uphill. I also learnt a lot about the history of Philippines from them when we visit places like Mt. Apo . I am looking forward to going overseas with my family in the years to come . My father is taking everyone to New Zealand someday. I can not wait to go there.

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