Saturday, February 7, 2009


I like pink because it describes the love in my heart
when ever I feel pinky, it makes my world so wild
so wild that keeps my heart beats so fast
so fast that keeps my life colorful
its sounds like thunder when the night time falls in my bed
its sounds like slurrping when my mouth is eating an icecream
it sounds like water falling down in my skin when its shade touches my feelings
when I eat my favorite apple
I taste the pink color instead of red
I taste it like its in my tastebud when I was born
pink makes me feel great
happy and smiling
most of all it makes me feel always in the mood for love
pink makse me live like a sweet child forever

Too young

Inside my heart I wanted to tell her how it is that I felt.
But we are too young.
There are more things to be learn.
More things to explore.

This feeling will be held in abeyance first.
If we are meant to be, then we will be together in the end.
I wanted to feel
being carefree
I'm too young anyway!