Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mommy Merly

Mommy asked me if it is her I draw.
I said no.
"She is your mommy merly.
Look o, her dress is not like you
her her is short
she cooks
so mommy it is not you talaga"
Mommy smiled back at me and said I am handsome and cute.

My mommy merly always cooks food for everybody.

A red bird

I saw a red bird above the tree.
I asked Maxine why it is red?
Shew told me that the bird is a monster pet.
Haaaa? I said to her.
But I think it is red because the bird put on a make-up on her body.

Lean is a cheeky devil

She always make me sad and angry.
Mommy Merly said that my cousin Lean has a devil in her back.
I dont know why she likes to listen to her devil.
Today I very hate her because she destroyed my torotot made to me by Tito Molong.
She crushed it!!!!!
I dont like her forever.

A gift for mommy and dad

Scratch papers of my mommy's work. At the back Mommy said to use it as my drawing book.

My gift for my Dad is Bluesclues inside the brown box. Daddy loves dogs.

To my Mommy are two orange flowers inside a vase because she hates dogs but she loves loves my hamster pet Hamtaro.