Monday, October 31, 2011


TOP 10
Blogsters, these are my top 10
series ,sometimes if you love a thing then a thing comes
what you love the most.Unexpected to your life.Now I will tell my top ten.

#:Phineas and Ferb
#:Ben 10 Ultimate alien
#:Ben 10 alien force
#:Ben 10
#:The Jungle Book
#:Supa Strikas
#:Scardy Squirrel
#:The Farily Odd Parents
#:I Carly
#:Scooby Doo

The next i will send videos.

Freaky City

One morning I was in my way with my family together in my, I mean um........ something else
like , "the people's barangay"anyway ,I can't believe it! there is a mall a Dunkin Donut ,and even Jolibee
this is fun so we decided to go to Jolibee then buy some munchkin in Dunkin Donut but I can't resist the bunwich so I decided to look behind then there we go to the exit and go home.