Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mommy's hair

When my Mommy wakes up or sleeps she is always a sexybaby. She have a frizzy hair but always complains about it. She shampoo it with white conditioner. I love to touched it because her hair is nice and kulot. My handsome daddy loves my Mommy’s hair because she is most beautiful on the planet earth. She comb her curly long hair only once during taking a cold bath. Its different when she puts an ice in her bath water. It is very cold. She told me that germs don’t like cold water. Mommy Merly and my mom always put a fresh avocado fruit in her hair before taking a bath and a fresh orange papaya too in their skin. It is eeky… that part I don’t like. When she tries to kiss me we will run. Only Lean go to her and forced them to let her do the same.

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